HOME STAGING COST In Fort Walton Beach

Home Staging In Fort Walton Beach

Staging your home to sell is your missing piece.  Family clients absolutely need a vision of life inside your home. Nicole Mae Interiors partners with local furniture stores to deliver a staging experience you won't forget. 

Many of our clients had never considered staging before coming to us. It's not a service that the majority of sellers use. More and more, buyers want to be impressed by an open layout. By staging your home, even if you don't have an open layout, the illusion for one can be achieved through using the key concepts of spacial decorating. The key is clean lines, minimal accents that tell a story, warm lighting, and a little Nicole Mae Interiors magic. 

If you are selling a small home, you want to paint your walls a light color throughout. Small family living spaces should stay away from sectional furniture and/or large linked furnishings. Keep it simple with one small sofa, rug, table and lamp. A large living room space can be divided into two living areas just by placing the sofa away from the wall. 

Contact us today to discuss your needs for home staging. We're here to sell you home!